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20-03-2017 46 Trump on Pakistan and Countering Islamist Terrorism Dr Farhan Zahid
01-02-2017 45 Post-ISIS and future jihadist threats Dr Marcin StyszyDski
25-01-2017 44 Veteran jihadi Qari Saif ullah Akhter’s death : a big victory of Afghan security forces Dr Farhan Zahid
13-12-2016 43 Analyzing the counter radicalization and de-radicalization models Dr Farhan Zahid
06-11-2016 42 Police community partnership; a must for countering violent extremism in pakistan Dr Farhan Zahid
01-10-2016 41 Islamist Parties and Islamist Groups in Pakistan Dr Farhan Zahid
09-08-2016 40 The concept of lone Jihad Dr Marcin Styszynski
09-08-2016 39 A brief history of islamist violent non-state actors in Pakistan Dr Farhan Zahid
19-07-2016 38 How terrorists learn Dr Farhan Zahid
04-06-2016 37 Islamist Political Parties Approach towards Islamist Terrorist Groups in Pakistan Dr Farhan Zahid
01-04-2016 36 Analyzing the Concept of Theo-Democracy Dr Farhan Zahid
24-02-2016 35 Jamaat-e-Islami-linked islamist terrorist groups in Pakistan and their role in the evolution of islamist terrorism in the sub-continent Dr Farhan Zahid
11-01-2016 34 From regional to global : the influence of pan-Islamism on pakistani islamist violent non-state actors Dr Farhan Zahid
21-12-2015 33 Influences of Abu Ala Maududi on islamo-jihadi thoughts of Abdullah Azzam the father of modern jihad movement Dr Farhan Zahid
21-12-2015 32 Arabic and islamic studies contribution to security and counterterrorism policy Dr Marcin Styszynski
16-11-2015 31 The concept of caliphate and the revival of utopian Islamic state Dr Farhan Zahid
03-10-2015 30 Islamist Charity Organizations : Avenues of Terrorism Financing in Pakistan Dr Farhan Zahid
08-09-2015 29 The Educated Terroriste : A Profile of Saad Aziz Dr Farhan Zahid
01-08-2015 28 The ISIS-Al-Qaeda Competition in Pakistan Dr Farhan Zahid
20-07-2015 27 Jihadist activity in social media Dr Marcin Styszynski
01-07-2015 26 The Arab Factor in Al-Qaeda Dr Farhan Zahid
09-06-2015 25 Supposed collapse of damascus Dr Marcin Styszynski
01-06-2015 24 Islamic State near European borders Dr Marcin Styszynski
03-05-2015 23 The Al-Qaeda-Afghan Taliban Connections Dr Farhan Zaid
05-04-2015 22 Origins of Al-Qaeda : Revisiting Maktab Ul Khidmat Al Mujahedeen (Services Bureau for the Holy Warriors) Dr Farhan Zahid
05-04-2015 21 Le sens symbolique des actes terroristes djihadistes Dr Marcin Styszynski
21-03-2015 20 La menace terroriste, premier défi pour le président Béji Caïd Essebsi Mehdi Taje
09-03-2015 19 Tablighi Jamaat and its links with islamist terrorism Dr Farhan Zahid
01-03-2015 18 Le modèle de propagande de l’islam radical Dr Marcin Styszynski
07-02-2015 17 Islamic State in North Africa Dr Marcin Styszynski
31-01-2015 16 Réactions des sympathisants du djihadisme et de l’Etat islamique après l'attentat contre Charlie Hebdo Dr Marcin Styszynski
31-01-2015 15 Fragmented Yet Fatal : Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan Dr Farhan Zahid
02-01-2015 14 New Al-Qaeda in the making: Lashkar-e-Taiba Farhan Zahid
14-12-2014 13 Still a force to Reckon with: Jaish-e-Mohammad Dr Farhan Zahid
14-12-2014 12 Four reasons of the islamic state's Domination and influences Dr. Marcin Styszynski
08-11-2014 10 The Many Faces of Lashkar-E-Jhangvi (Army of Jhangvi) Farhan Zahid
16-10-2014 9 A Profile of Harkat-ul Mujahedeen (Movement of Holy Warriors) Dr Farhan Zahid
01-09-2014 8 Analysis of the Influence of Sayed Qutb's Islamist Ideology on the Development of Djihadism Farhan Zahid
01-07-2014 7 The Chechen Component of Jaish al Muhajurun wal Ansar Dr Farhan Zahid & Mohammad Salman
01-06-2014 6 Current Activities of Rebel Groups in Libya Dr Marcin Styszynski
01-06-2014 5 Flawed Policies in Syrian Crisis Mohammad Salman & Dr Farhan Zahid
10-05-2014 4 Reasons behind factional fighting in the syrian civil war Dr Farhan Zahid & Mohammad Salman
01-04-2014 3 A Profile of Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami (HuJI), Movement of Islamic Holy Warriors Farhan Zahid
01-02-2014 2 Current Strategy of Al-Qaida Dr Marcin Styszynski
01-02-2014 1 The Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan in Syria Farhan Zahid & Mohammad Salman
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